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Leo Perrero, one of the IT workers laid off from Disney World, is pursuing a class-action lawsuit against the company along with another Disney tech worker, Dena Moore. “I just felt extremely betrayed,” Perrero tells Variety. Also named as defendants ...
Entertainment Companies Grapple With Immigration Issues for <b>...</b>
Junior business & entrepreneurship major Kaela Ritter, Megan Perrero, a freshman journalism major and Bree Bracey, a sophomore theatre major, will join the Student Government Association's executive board next academic year. Posted: Monday, April 18, ...
SGA elects new executive board for 2016–2017
Leo Perrero is becoming the face of the American IT worker fired and then forced to train his foreign replacement or else lose his severance package. A few months after being rudely laid off by Disney Corp, he appeared on a local station in Florida. On ...
An American Victim of the H-1b Visa Scheme Provides an Update
On Sunday, two of the former IT workers, Dena Moore and Leo Perrero, appeared at a Trump rally in Alabama, according to Computerworld. They each have filed class action lawsuits against Disney, with Moore also naming as a defendant Cognizant ...
Donald Trump Zeroes in on Disney Layoffs in Bashing Guest Worker <b>...</b>
The hearing's emotional high point came in the testimony of Leo Perrero, an information technology (IT) worker with 20 years of experience, more than 10 of them at Disney. In a voice choked with emotion, he told of being invited to a meeting with a ...
Displaced American STEM workers spur Senate hearing
One of those former Disney IT workers, Leo Perrero, testified in front of the Senate, even breaking down in tears several times. Now he's getting behind Donald Trump. A conservative news website posted video of Perrero speaking at a Trump rally ...
Controversial job visa program gets political attention
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